Fall 2012 cover

October 2012
J. Don Coleman, Conductor
Featuring Kontras Quartet

$16 (tax included)

Fall 2012 

  1. My Lord, What a Morin'  (Harry T. Burleigh)

Five Hebrew Love Songs  (Eric Whitacre)

  1. A Picture
  2. Light Bride
  3. Mostly
  4. What snow!
  5. Tenderness
  1. Mweya M'tsvene  (Jonathan Wilcocks)
  2. Loch Lomond  (arr. Jonathan Quick)
  3. Dark Night of the Soul  (Ola Gjelio)
  4. Aika  (Stephen Rotz)
  5. Magnificat  (Peter Louis van Dijk)
  6. Elegischer Gesang, Elegy  (Beethoven)
  7. Sing  (arr. David Wilcocks)