Our Mission

As performers, we are simply the messengers who interpret and deliver the innermost thoughts, ideas, and emotions of all the great composers. Our audiences are the recipients of these messages, which are translated into the one language that is universally understood and loved by all...the language of music.

Forty Years of Weaving a Musical Masterpiece

Since 1978, the Hickory Choral Society has excited, enthused, and entertained its audiences with rich, wonderful, and powerful choral music. We believe that our thirty-seventh anniversary season is going to be our best season yet!

The Hickory Choral Society builds its foundation around members who come together each Monday night to make the most inspiring choral sound in this area. The Society also relies on contributing members, and you, to underwrite its performances that feature premier works by new and exciting choral composers.

The tradition of choral music continues to thrive in our region with your support of the J. Don Coleman Endowment Fund. This fund provides grants which assist local public school music programs. In addition, the choral music of HCS is collected in the I.G. Hamlin Music Library. This library lends quality choral music to neighboring schools, colleges, and churches.

We invite you to support the Hickory Choral Society through attendance at our concerts and through your generous contributions.