Sing with Hickory Choral Society

Audition Requirements and Singer information

You are invited to audition for the Hickory Choral Society!

New Singer Auditions are traditionally held in late spring and summer. Email the HCS Office to be added to our Prospective Singer List to receive audition information when dates are determined. [email protected]

Throughout the year there may also be individually scheduled auditions by appointment.

What to prepare and what to expect

Prepare and perform a 2-3 minute art song, folk song, or hymn of your choosing. You are not required to memorize your prepared selection. A pianist will be available to singers who provide sheet music. You are also welcome to bring your own accompanist.

One of our directors will vocalize you through a series of simple scale patterns to assess your range.

You will be given and asked to sightread a portion of a piece of choral music.

The HCS conductor and associate conductor will listen to each audition and ask a few questions relevant to your singing experience and availability to fulfill ensemble attendance requirements.


There is a strict attendance policy with a certain amount of allowed absences prior to concerts.


  • Annual Dues - $50
  • Retreat (Optional and dues are waived if all rehearsals at retreat are attended)

Performance Attire

  • Men – traditional tuxedo
  • Women – performance dress (ordered through HCS office)