Expressions of Gratitude from the HCS President

We are so grateful to YOU! There are so many of you to thank for our beautiful Early Spring Concert that emphasized music education and music educators.

● Our Contributing Members – Some of you have supported us for many years. Whether you’re a long-time member or a newer one, we love looking out and seeing your smiling faces. It is you for whom we work to give a transformative choral performance. You lift us up and catapult us to reach new heights!
● Our Underwriters – The Early Spring Concert wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of the E.M. Suggs and Sara Deal Temple Foundation and the Kenneth K. and Suzanne G.
Milholland Foundation.
● Our Advertisers- We know that advertising dollars are limited, and we appreciate your choice to support our work.
● Our Music Educators – You are helping to shape the next generation of choral singers. We admire you and are committed to providing support for your efforts.
● The North Carolina Foothills Community – You’ve come out to hear us and let us know that we’ve been a positive force in your lives. We pledge to continue to serve you. Gratitude is what all HCS singers feel when we step onto our risers in preparation for a performance. We are well aware that it “takes a village” to succeed at just about anything that’s important. YOU comprise a large part of our village, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

-Susan Jarvis Goldstein, President