Welcome Back to Indoor Singing!

And welcome fall!
Members of the Hickory Choral Society began practicing together in person — outdoors, masked, and physically distanced six feet apart — in August. The cicadas voiced their harmony fortissimo. They appeared to be unable to adjust their volume. Undeterred, we singers forged on through heat, humidity, often overgrown grass, little creatures that bite, darkness, and, finally, chilly evenings. We came with our sunglasses, hats, folding chairs, hydrating mists, insect repellents, lights, and sweaters. We REALLY wanted to sing together. And we really wanted to sing for YOU. And then, suddenly, we were Under the Sails on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!
You cannot know what it meant to each of us to see your smiling faces and hear your enthusiastic response to the music we made together. We were masked, but I know you saw that we were incredibly happy to be back singing for YOU.
Now we’re preparing for our ever popular Christmas Concerts.
Things will be different because we’re still in a pandemic. We’ll be back in the beautiful Corinth Reformed Church, but we’ll all be wearing masks, physically distanced. We probably won’t process, but we will sing our traditional “Personet Hodie” and “O Come All Ye Faithful”. We have added a new membership category so that those who wish to enjoy our performance virtually can do so. Our entire Christmas repertoire is very beautiful, and we look forward to sharing it with you. We happily anticipate being with you — in person or virtually — as we kick off the holiday season.
-Susan Jarvis Goldstein, President